A free 3 day bootcamp teaching you the 3 things to get you un-stuck and shift your manifestations & business next level...

We know you have BIG goals and desires femalepreneur and we want to help you make sure that this year you get to have them all... It doesn't matter what level you are at in your business, we can all carry subconscious blocks that keep us stuck and stop our manifestations from becoming a reality...


We know this because we've encountered this along our journey, we had a successful 6 figure business, yet 18 months ago we became stuck and couldn't shift past the level we were at until we applied our 3 step process that activated alignment for us again, which is key to successful manifesting...


Since applying it we've tripled our business, maxed out our programmes and helped hundreds of other femalepreneurs to do the same...


Inside of this bootcamp we are teaching you our process and how to discover your blocks, so you can effortlessly rise into your next level and attract limitless wealth and success this year and beyond...


When you apply this trilogy to your life and business, the magic happens...

Our 3 step process is...


Your emotional and mind blocks


Into an empowered femalepreneur & embody next level identity & energetics


Use a feel good business foundation so you can attract limitless wealth & success, by being more of you

Over the last 12 months we've lead hundreds of woman who were stuck in their business, through this 3 step process and helped them to unlock their full potential, play with the energy of the universe and use a feel good business strategy to breakthrough to their next level of success.


We've taught them that creating the level of success they desire isn't about working harder or following someone else's proven method, it's about who you are being, the mindset/energy you are in whilst building your empire and using a strategy that sets your soul on fire.


We are inviting you to join us inside of this free 3 day bootcamp so you can learn and embody our process too and effortlessly rise into your next level.


It's taking place 25th, 26th & 27th of January.

  • If you are ready to shift from stuck to soaring 

  • Multiply your manifestations

  • Start your year with the right mindset, energetics and feel good business foundations 

  • Embody the belief that it’s easy & cut the hustle

  • Attract effortless sales & clients

  • Compound your wealth

  • And have your best year yet 

We help ambitious women heal their emotional blocks & embody next level energetics to manifest limitless wealth & success


Natasha & Jo are 4X #1- International Amazon-Best-Selling Authors, hosts of the The Strategy & Soul Show Podcast, master mindset coaches, ThetaHealers®, creators of the Heal, Evolve & Succeed Movement and founders of Femalepreneurs Academy®.

Their journey of success started as network marketing professionals who ventured into the world of spiritual & personal development.

This love for expansion & knowledge lead them to create a multiple 6 figure brand within the first year of business.

Their biggest passion is to help ambitious women to heal their pasts, on a soulful level so they can create limitless wealth, abundance & success.

They love everything woo, manifestation and mindset - and use a mixture of ThetaHealing®, Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline Therapy™ & Inner Child work to get strong transformations with their clients.

Natasha & Jo's unique style of coaching is what seperates them from the rest, making it a professional yet fun experience in their digital programs and 1 to 1 packages!

What makes them so relatable is how they don't just talk the talk they walk it too, here's something recent they had to personally use their 3 step process for...


18 months ago we almost gave up on our dreams…


After building multiple successful 6 figure businesses both within the network marketing and coaching industry, we got to a point where we’d completely lost ourselves and had fallen out of alignment… We were too busy focusing all of our attention just on strategy and teaching things that we thought we should, not what we really deep down desired to…


The more we lost ourselves, the more our business slipped and the more we found ourselves stuck in resistance. Our soul was pulling us one way, whilst our mind was pushing us another!


We had 2 choices… Say yes to our soul and drop our human conditioning that was limiting us OR give up on our dreams altogether… We decided to say yes to our soul and activate alignment again…


What happened next was magic… Within a few weeks of saying yes to our soul we tripled our income, maxed out our programmes and 2020 was our best year yet, exceeding well over 6 figures and helping hundreds of femalepreneurs to breakthrough to their next level of success.



This is what we are teaching inside of our 3 day bootcamp!

The 3 things we did to take us from stuck and almost giving up to overflow within our life and business.


“It gets to be easy and enjoyable and we want to show you how”


Secure your place for free here and when you do you’ll not only get access to our 3 day bootcamp but you’ll also receive an email that shares the first step to start multiplying your manifestations today…

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