The Elevation of The Femalepreneur 

No.1 International  Best Selling Book Series

For Female Entrepreneurs Who Have Overcome Adversity  


No1. in USA, UK, Canada & Australia

Volume 1: 

The Elevation of The Femalepreneur book collaboration series shares powerful, real life stories of different inspirational women who have faced challenges and adversity throughout their lives and on their entrepreneurial journeys.

They all share the same message of no matter what you go through, no matter how tough it gets, you should never give up on your dreams! They want you to know that if they can do it, so can you.

This book will inspire you to keep pushing through so you can elevate into an empowered femalepreneur and achieve your desired success!

Not only will you be inspired by their stories, you will learn practical tips to:

  • How to go from struggle to six figures

  • How to feel happy, now

  • How to build your confidence

  • How to rewire your mind for success

  • How you can use law of attraction for business success

  • How to manifest your dreams

  • How to keep going when the going gets tough!

This is a real, raw, authentic, inspirational and educational book and is the ultimate book of female empowerment!

Volume 2: 

  • How Not to Parent

  • How to Never Lose Sight of Your Vision

  • How You Control Your Future

  • How to Break Free from the Voices in Your Head

  • How to Listen to the Story of Your Soul

  • How to Always Believe in Your Soul

  • How Things Can Always Get Better

JoJo Ellen & Natasha Edwards are UK based entrepreneurs and have worked online, between them, for 14 years.

They founded and created The Femalepreneurs Academy LTD in March of 2018. They set out on their journey of coaching in the online space for female entrepreneurs with a mission to help them create more influence, impact and income.

They have since gone on to create multiple 6 figures within the academy and have served 1000's of women online.

They help female entrepreneurs, coaches and network marketers build influence online, make the impact they dream of and scale quickly to their desired income without the overwhelm and hustle.

They use a mix of strategy & soul work to help you achieve your desired business and income goals.

You can find them HERE

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