A mindset, manifesting & marketing membership for ambitious women to help them Heal, Evolve & Succeed in life & business.

Within our super attractor academy we teach ambitious women how to HEAL their emotional blocks, EMBODY next level energetics so they can MANIFEST limitless wealth & success. 


If you are ready to dig deep into your emotional and energetic blocks, ready to go next level in your life and business and you want to learn how to manifest like a femalepreneur, then this membership is for you!


Inside of our academy, we run regular manifesting workshops throughout the year in-between all our other mindset, manifesting and marketing trainings! 


Business By Desire is a 21 Day Workshop To Help You Design Your Business The Way You Desire To...

Inside of this workshop we are are inviting you to un-do all of the way's you think you should be building your business, that are no longer serving you and instead learn how to start building your business in a way that feels good to you...


When you do this you will become an energetic match for the clients and sales to come through...


You see it's not what you do in your business, it's who you are being in the process that makes you a successful femalepreneur...


Energy is everything...


If you aren't enjoying the action you take everyday or the way you are building your business is burning you out, then this will be keeping you stuck in a low vibration...


When we are in a low vibration it means energetically we are a mis-match for our desires, so we don't see them coming into our life and instead we watch everyone else surpassing their goals, wondering what their secret ingredient is...


It's simply that they are having fun, enjoying the journey and feeling good in the process, which in turn raises their vibration, making them an energetic match for their desires and allowing the law of attraction to work for them...


That's exactly what we are going to be helping you to do during this 21 day workshop...


Below are some of the things you will learn

The Theta brainwave is the most powerful brainwave to access when it comes to manifesting - it speeds your manifesting up by 80-90%.

We will be training you on how to access this brain wave!


Quickest way to manifest!

You will receive live and recorded audios, hypnosis/meditations & healings to 

1. Access the theta brain wave

2. Visualise and embody the energy of your manifestation 

3. Speed up your manifestations!

We will be training on comfort zones and how shifting out of your comfort zone can help you to reach the next level energetics needed to call in your manifestation!

You will learn about the 12 laws of universe and how important each law is to ensure your manifestations come into fruition!

We teach you how to start releasing resentments from the past, so you can clear any energy leaks that could be blocking you from manifesting!

You will receive training on the importance of gaining clarity on what you specifically desire and maintaining focus on that so it becomes a reality!

Receive our 7 step Manifestation process - which has helped 100's of Femalepreneurs to call in desires on repeat!

Learn more about your human design and whether you are a specific/non specific manifestor - You will also gain access to our quiz where you can find your manifesting type!

You'll receive training on how to create, visualise & embody your future self - so you can step into the energy you need to become to call in your desires!

We will help you to change your focus from past failures, forgive them so you can focus on the future, what you desire to manifest and how this clears any energy leaks and raises your vibrational frequency!

We help you to dive into your intuition senses and have a deeper connection to source - which helps you to activate energetically and manifest more!

Learn the importance of boundaries and once they're implemented into your life & business how this clears any energy leaks and honors your true self - keeping the channel clear!

Once we've helped you to shift your mindset and energy, we will then be covering business foundations and social media success strategies, helping you find your most aligned and desired way to build your business online.






You will also gain access to the entire rest of our training portal which is full of over 300+ Videos, workbooks, audios, trainings, workshops, podcast + our VIP Femalepreneur Facebook community!!


At the end of the 21 days you will be back in love with your business, with a fresh mindset and high vibration, making you one one big magnet for success.


Scroll down to read what else is included!

Special Guest Healing Panel and & Spiritual Circles

On The Panel - 

Specialising in the Clairs, Alice willbe running spiritual circles to help you develop your spiritual connection, and your senses!

Claire will be training you on the alignment of the planets, the moon, the rertograde and the energy of the earth which will help you to use this with your own energy field!

Martine will be giving monthly mini card readings and helping to give you divine guidance from your guides, angels and the universe!

Jo specialises in womb energy healing and clearings - and will be giving you guidance on how to heal, activate and use your feminine energy - she'll also be providing group healing sessions!

You can tune into our monthly spiritual circles, listen to our expert guest speaker monthly trainings, gain access to expert divine guidance and develop your spiritual skills and intuition - which will also help you tap into your souls purpose - helping you become an even bigger magnet for success!

  • Healing the past & feeling free

  • Effortlessly manifesting your desires in life and in business

  • Feeling good everyday within your life & believing you can have it all?

  • Uplevelling your energetics so you attract the dream people/clients/customers into your life and business

  • Knowing how to use your human design to create unstoppable success

  • Using your energy to build an aligned business by desire

  • Understanding yourself fully so you can remove all limitations keeping you from success!

  • Having FULL confidence in yourself and what you've got to offer

  • Having complete clarity on the success principles of an online business and clarity on how to intentionally manifest what you want!

  • Knowing what it feels like to be in alignment with the universe and create whatever you desire

  • Feeling empowered, in control, enjoying the process & earning your desired income, easily and effortlessly without the overwhelm and hustle!

  • Mastering your mind so you can access happiness in every area of your life

Within the super attractor academy, we help you to reach your next level of success!

We do this by applying different principles, within the mind, body and soul.


In order for us to create the success in life and business that we desire, we need to embark on a journey of spiritual growth and development.


Whatever level you are at right now, within your mind and soul, there will always be a whole new level to reach.


Once you reach the level of income or whatever it is you're working on in your life and business, you will stumble across more blocks, more challenges, and more difficulties. 


This requires you to go back to the inner work and dig deep into what these blocks are so you can yet again, hit that next level success!

We truly can have it all, we just need to believe we can, and embody the identity and the energy of the person we need to become in order to attract and create it.


By using the law of attraction and these key principles along our journey to success, we have since built many successful businesses online in network marketing and coaching and helped thousands of women to do the same, within 6 weeks of launching our academy we made over 70k, built it to 6 figures in the first year! We exceed our income goal every single year by stretching the goal and expanding ourselves into the next level versions we need to become!


Whatever your life, business and income goals are we are confident we have the tools, resources and strategies to help you achieve them all inside our academy.

What some of our members say:

You’ve heard of the law of attraction right?


Where you can manifest the life that you want?


This is something we are so passionate about and use it in our every day life as well business.

In the academy, we teach our members our 3 step process 




which enables you to tap into the energy of the universe and into yourself so you can stop playing small, heal your past, embody who you need to be to succeed and attract the goals you desire! 



How To Heal

The reason we don't reach our goals is because we carry certain beliefs unconsciously which form our behaviours and can keep us stuck playing small. If we unconsciously believe  'I'm not good enough', 'Money is hard to make'

'I can never be successful like them' - This will block us from attracting what we truly desire! We will only attract based on our beliefs!


So in the academy we take you on a journey to healing your past emotions, your past traumas, beliefs, and help you to reframe your thought patterns so you can mentally reach your next level!

Included in our mindset modules are:

  • Weekly Live Training

  • Monthly Mastermind Call

  • Meditations

  • Hypnosis

  • Affirmations

  • Workbooks

  • Journal Prompts

  • Group Support


We teach you:

  • The unconscious mind VS concious mind
  • Find your blocks & remove them
  • How to master your mind
  • How to reframe to positive thoughts
  • How your language creates your reality
  • How to manage a negative mindset


We teach you:

  •  About emotional blockages
  • Where we store them in the body
  • How this affects your success
  • How to release them
  • Why it's important to release them


We teach you:

  • How to connect to your intuition
  • How to use this in life and business
  • How to tap into your soul
  • Why it's so important to work from a soulful level and how it attracts more success

How to Evolve

The next step is to evolve into the person you need to be in order to call in your next level success. In order for us to attract and create what we desire, we need to become the person FIRST! For example, you can't become a millionaire mentor if you don't know what it feels like to earn a million dollars, or if you don't act like one! So what would a millionaire do, be, act like? Embody the energy of one, act as if, and create the identity so you change your state of BEING - THAT is what will allow you to attract the million dollar business! 


  • Weekly Live Training

  • Monthly Mastemind Call

  • Meditations

  • Hypnosis

  • Affirmations

  • Workbooks

  • Journal Prompts

  • Group Support

Identity Codes

We teach you:

  • The identity codes of whatever you desire
  • How to change them
  • How to change your energy
  • Energy Healing 
  • Applying this to business

Embody the next level

We teach you:

  • How to embody a new energy
  • How to release old energy 
  • How to create your next level self
  • Life Upgrades



Human Design

​We teach you:

  • Your own human design archetype
  • How to manifest using your own design
  • Create success using your own design

How to Succeed

Once you've peeled the needed layers, embodied the next version of you, we teach you how to use all of these tools within your business. You are now ready to reach your next level business and income goals!

  • Weekly Live Training

  • Monthly Mastermind Call

  • Meditations

  • Hypnosis

  • Affirmations

  • Workbooks

  • Journal Prompts

  • Group Support


We teach you:

  • Our core foundations for success
  • How to create a brand aligned to your soul
  • How to manifest dream clients/sales
  • Using a feel good business strategy


We teach you:

  • Our success blueprint
  • How to strategise your business effectively
  • How to create six figures and beyond
  • How to use your human design in business



We teach you:

  • How to expand your goals 
  • How to expand your energy
  • How to expand your income
  • How to expand yourself

You gain access to...

We help you to....

  • Heal, Evolve & Succeed

    We take you through a healing journey to help you heal the past, evolve into the next level version of you so you can call in and create your desired success. 

  • Manifest

    We teach you how to open your mind and expand your energy so you can manifest whatever you desire into your life!

  • Magnetise Your Marketing

    We walk you through a number of different marketing strategies, from organic (free) ways to get sales, clients and recruits through to paid ads we walk you through each process and show you how to create content that attracts your dream audience - The goal being to find one that feels good to you.

  • Master Your Mind

    We teach you the difference between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind and how you are driven by 95% of your unconscious programming that you may not even be aware of! We show you how to tap in, and how to higher your consciousness and reframe it!

  • The Goal is For You To Find a Feel Good Business Strategy 

    All of the business tools we teach inside of our academy work. We've used them all in our businesses to scale to 6 figures and beyond. Your job is to use them, find what you enjoy & what feels good to you tohelp you create unstoppable success!

You will also access 200+ social media and business modules to help you to become a super attractor online!



You also gain access to our femalepreneur audios that will keep you on track with your mindset, spiritual evolvement, manifestations and reframing your unconscious mind!

  • Mindset

    We dig deep into your unconscious mind and use a mixture of our NLP & life coaching & healing practices to help you get to the core of what beliefs are holding you back. This will make you become consciously aware of what you need to change & work on within your inner dialogue & kickstart your healing & empowered femalepreneur transformation.

  • Empowered Femalepreneur Affirmations & Meditations

    This is where the re-programming of your mind happens. We have a mix of empowered femalepreneur guided meditation & affirmations for you to absorb your mind in daily so you can re-frame it which is a vital part of becoming the best version of you.

  • Spiritual Activation

    Learn the spiritual tools we use to keep us connected to our higher self which in turn will activate and awaken the empowered femalepreneur within. 

  • Law of Attraction & Manifesting

    We teach you how to stay high vibe and your energy in alignment with your goals and desires so you can become one big magnet for your own success.

Hear from more of our members:

We help ambitious women heal their emotional blocks & embody next level energetics to manifest limitless wealth & success


Natasha & Jo are 4X #1- International Amazon-Best-Selling Authors, hosts of the The Strategy & Soul Show Podcast, master mindset coaches, ThetaHealers®, creators of the Heal, Evolve & Succeed Movement and founders of Femalepreneurs Academy®.

Their journey of success started as network marketing professionals who ventured into the world of spiritual & personal development.

This love for expansion & knowledge lead them to create a multiple 6 figure brand within the first year of business.

Their biggest passion is to help ambitious women to heal their pasts, on a soulful level so they can create limitless wealth, abundance & success.

They love everything woo, manifestation and mindset - and use a mixture of ThetaHealing®, Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline Therapy™ & Inner Child work to get strong transformations with their clients.

Natasha & Jo's unique style of coaching is what seperates them from the rest, making it a professional yet fun experience in their digital programs and 1 to 1 packages!

    What happens when I sign up?

    As soon as you become a member you'll get instant access to ALL of our training bundles - there's over 200 waiting over there for you.


    You have your own personalised log in to our portal which means you can dive in at any time to complete them.


    That's the beauty of our academy you complete everything in your own time at your own pace but still have the support from both Femalepreneur coaches whatever level you're at!


    Our training's are easy to follow, short and simple and really time effective so even if you're a busy femalepreneur you can fit these in.

    Hear from some more of our members:

    When you join our academy you will have us right by your side, walking you through your journey step by step so you fully understand everything. 


    We will be holding you accountable with our weekly calls and giving you a daily plan to follow to stay on track and make progress. 


    You can ask us anything, pick our brains, learn our secrets, we’re happy to help you and share anything with you.


    From how we built successful Network Marketing businesses, to six figure coaching empires, becoming first time authors, achieving 70k - 6 figure launches and growing a following of thousands on multiple social media platforms.


    We’re here to show you how we’ve done it and how you can do it too.


    We have SO much to teach you inside.


    This will benefit you if you are an ambitious woman who wants to create more success in her everyday life and business! 


    What we teach works for any of you.


    We know you're super busy and that’s why we’ve broken down our training’s into easy to follow, simple time effective tutorials & live trainings that you can easily fit in around your busy schedule to make progress as quickly as possible..


    We teach you life skills that will enable you to keep reaching next level after next level after next level!

    How quickly can I expect success?

    The healing journey is a process - to dig deep and remove old wounds can be emotional and sometimes that requires time.

    The spiritual/soulful journey is different for everyone but it's an enjoyable, fun experience that we get to go through together!


    We can't guarantee success for anybody, but what we can guarantee is that you will experience lightbulb moments, breakthroughs, and so many mindset and energy shifts throughout your time here in the academy.


    And the great thing about our training is, no matter what level you're at, or whatever level you reach, you can keep going to the next, to the next and to the next because when you embark on a journey of self discovery and success, there's always a new layer to peel and we are with you every step of the way!

    Check out more of our members:

    You've been led here for a reason, it's time to take bigger strides in the world...


    We don't believe in coincidences, we know that everything happens for a reason and that you are still reading this right now because it's what you need.


    The universe knows that you are ready for your upgraded life & business, all you need to do is meet it half way and say yes to your goals, dreams & desires by joining our academy.


    ​You go the universe follows! 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    This will benefit every online business owner and network marketer in any company and at any level – whether you’ve just started or your already an established leader/entrepreneur – every level requires you to up-level and that’s what our systems help you to do. 

    Although we will be sad to see you go. Yes you can cancel at any time but please note due to having no tie ins or contracts, we have a strict no refund policy. Please see terms of use at the bottom of this page!



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