Are you ready to learn a social media strategy that will give you consistency, duplication, momentum and crazy growth within your network marketing business, without you being glued to your phone all day?


We know you are currently stuck at a wall within your business

Tired of chasing the numbers and getting ignored

Sick of the small talk in messenger

Wish you could make sales & recruits consistently

Within the digital era we are in today social media is the most powerful vehicle to use to build your network marketing business, yet so many network marketers are still struggling to use the platform successfully. 

This is because of the dated tactics your company are still teaching. It's keeping you stuck on what we call the hamster wheel of network marketing.


Social media has changed so much but the way you are still being taught has remained the same and this is why you are struggling with social media, losing yourself in the process of building your business and questioning if you should even continue at all because the business strategy you're using means your business is consuming your life and still not giving you the success you deserve!


We are here to stop that by teaching you a much more effective way to use social media, one that will give you consistency and sustainability and help you create that legacy you've had your heart set on all along!


​That's why we created our academy and this is your chance to join us so you can learn new skills to get ahead of your competition by learning what's working TODAY on social media, to bring you REAL lasting results.

What works today on social media is to lead with your own personal brand and story so you can make an impact and influence

It's never been easier to build a business on social media you literally have the world at your fingertips and you can build a global business without leaving your home.


But the only way you are going to do this is if you have the right systems and foundations in place from day one.


Social media is a BUSY place and it's saturated with the way network marketers show up, this is why you are struggling because you are doing the same as everyone else! 


 To stand out from the noise you have to be different from the rest and the only way you're going to do that is to be YOU!


Nobody is you and that is your power!


People buy people, posting product posts isn't going to get you more sales, in fact this is why you're lacking in sales, because you are repelling your audience!


What you need to do is learn how to attract QUALITY leads and them influence them to buy your products or join your team by making your marketing relatable and attractive.




  • Personal brand

    Your personal brand is the foundation to making social media work. It gives you a unique message which helps you create quality content, making your marketing attractive and relatable to a specific audience, this not only attracts quality leads but gives them a reason to follow you, it helps build the know, like & trust and makes your social media posts valuable which is how you'll start to build your following, engagement, credibility and sales!

  • Your story

    This is your power. It is what will build personal connection with your audience, which helps them relate to you, feel like they know you and build their trust in you. Remember people buy people, so building that personal connection is the key foundation to getting endless sales & recruits.

  • Leverage

    To recruit those action taking business builders and create HUGE momentum and duplication within your business you need to get clear on the types of people you want to work alongside. Once you're clear on this we teach you how to combine your brand & story with modern marketing tools to get in front of thousands of targeted quality leads. HELLO endless sales & recruits!

We teach you how to do all of this inside of our academy and SO much more!

Just Imagine...

Recruiting consistently without ever prospecting again


Making sales even whilst you sleep


Attracting quality leads who have a desire for what you do


Filling your team with action taking business builders 


Building a global business in multiple countries without leaving your home


Sky rocketing your engagement on your social media posts


Using the latest proven social media strategies that will get you ranking and fast!


Creating crazy duplication and momentum in your team


And making the impact and income you want

This is possible and SO much more when you change the way you are doing things and learn how to show up in a much more attractive and influential way.


Some of the things you’ll learn inside our academy…

Sneak Peak of your portal 

As soon as you become a member you'll get instant access to ALL of our training bundles.


You have your own personalised log in to our portal which means you can dive in at any time to complete them.

That's the beauty of our academy you complete everything in your own time at your own pace but still have the support from both Femalepreneur coaches whatever level you're at!


Our training's are easy to follow, short and simple and really time effective so even if you're a busy network marketer you can fit these in.

Here's more of what you get...


Instant access to our easy to follow step by step training videos and workbooks inside of your own private portal.


Inside our private Facebook group you’ll get access to both Femalepreneur coaches, unlimited support, plus weekly accountability meetings and daily DMO structures to follow.


Each month you get a brand new business bundle uploaded and live training so you understand it.​


You get monthly goal setting webinars, weekly planning calls, weekly accountability check in, prizes for the action takers, Weekly mindset calls and live business Q&As to help you stay on track and make HUGE progress.



Maintain your personal growth with our mindset and law of attraction bundles.




Come and learn from the best in the industry. We invite top experts to join us and share their social media secrets.

Get instant access to your key social media foundations 

Start making an impact and influencing your audience from day one.

When you sign up to our academy you get instant access to the core foundations that will make your business thrive and come alive online.

We’re here to fully support you lovely ​

When you join our academy you will have us right by your side, walking you through your journey step by step so you fully understand everything. 


We will be holding you accountable with our weekly calls and giving you a daily plan to follow to stay on track and make progress. 


You can ask us anything, pick our brains, learn our secrets, we’re happy to help you and share anything with you.


From how we built successful Network Marketing businesses, to six figure coaching empires, becoming first time authors, achieving 70k launches and growing a following of thousands on multiple social media platforms.


We’re here to show you how we’ve done it and how you can do it too.


We have SO much to teach you inside.


This will benefit every Network Marketer in any company and at any level – whether you’ve just started or you're already an established leader.

Every level requires growth and consistency and that’s what our training's help you to do.


We know your super busy and that’s why we’ve broken down our training’s into easy to follow, simple time effective tutorials that you can easily fit in around your busy schedule to make progress as quickly as possible..


We teach you lifelong skills that you can use to grow any business online, once you know them you can use them ongoing for any business!


If you're ready to get ahead of the game, become an authority online & lead yourself and your team to success then our academy is for you.

How quickly can I expect success?

You can start to see success pretty much from day one of starting our trainings.


Depending on what your goal is and what you want to achieve will depend on where you start inside our academy. 


We have trainings that you can follow which you can start to expect results from within a few days, especially if you download and follow our DMO trackers these will give you instant results and a proven plan/ structure you can follow everyday to start seeing HUGE results.


​Then we have our trainings for the network marketer who wants time freedom and to create a consistent and sustainable business online.


This requires you to learn new systems and tools so you can automate parts of your business, which takes a little longer, however we've made everything so simple and even created downloadable done for you templates to save you time building them yourself. 


So whatever your goals we've got you covered in our academy.



Don't miss out

Sign up within the next 72 hours and access our bonus modules for free. These are worth OVER £2000!!!

  • Our powerhouse closing scripts

    The thing we find network marketers struggle with the most is closing, that's because there is a specific process to follow when it comes to closing someone. You have to learn to take your focus off selling and sharing how amazing your opportunity is and learn how to focus on finding your prospects needs & desires & current problem they're looking to solve. We uncover all of our closing secrets in this module, it's what we've used to close multiple six figures in sales.

  • Access our recruitment bootcamp

    Inside of the bootcamp we show you how to make an impact and reach thousands of your dream team members with one social media post and recruit those action taking team members. Our member Beatriz followed this and recruited 24 people in 1 week. You can have results like this too if you sign up today!

  • Our automated done for you templates

    Create time freedom & leverage by introducing automation into your business. We've made the process easy for you by giving you done for you templates that you can just download, instal and edit. Within a few hours you could have your whole system ready to go!

What we teach is the future for network marketers

This is your chance to learn what most network marketers are currently laking and get ahead of your competition. What we teach is unique but it's the future, it's only going to get harder to build your business on social media unless you change what you're doing.

If you don't make a change now you'll soon be left behind.


Your success is waiting for you inside of our academy and you can access all of this for just £1 today.


BUT HURRY it's only available to you for the next 72 hours.


Frequently Asked Question

When you sign up you pay only £1 to get a 7 day trial which gives you access to all of our trainings. After the 7 days you will be charged £33 per month. This £33 gives you continued access to all current and upcoming trainings.

We know your super busy and that’s why we’ve broken down our training’s into easy to follow, simple time effective tutorials that you can easily fit in around your busy schedule to make progress as quickly as possible. Even the busiest of entrepreneurs can find time for our training’s.

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