The only content course out there that teaches you how to make your marketing magnetic so you can become a super attractor online and magnetise non stop sales and success.

Imagine ATTRACTING your dream customers and effortless SALES every day without the hustle and social media overwhelm!​

Our content creatrix course teaches you how to confidently create authentic story based content that helps you stand out from the noise and become a super attractor online.


With our 100's of done for you story posts, 30 day content calendar, social media success foundations and mindset tools, we've made building your online business fun, easy, effortless, enjoyable and profitable!

Here's the thing... You know that your dream clients, teamies and customers are out there and you know being online is the best place to find them, whilst earning the income you desire…






But there's just one problem...





Writing content and building a business online just feels so damn hard!


Especially creating consistent sales, customers and limitless wealth!




Whether you are a network marketer, a coach, a course creator, a brand influencer – The daily struggle is real…



  • You find yourself comparing to others who seem to be succeeding, so you think the solution is to steal their social media posts, yet yours still get crickets!


  • You overthink what to post and where your next sale is coming from, which immediately has you living in fear, rather than the abundance you know you need to be in to manifest more wealth and success!


  • You are so overwhelmed with how you should be online, what you should post and where you should post that it’s clogging up your energy vibe and making you think you should just quit all together!


We hear you femalepreneur, we’ve been there and we’ve come out the other side of it.


In fact we’ve built a 6 figure academy from scratch, flew to the top of multiple network marketing companies and magnetised non stop success all because we unlocked the code to…


The law of online attraction – which helped us to become super attractors online and one big magnet for limitless wealth and success.


That's why we created our content creatrix course to teach you this and help you unlock this kind of success too.


Included inside:



Inside of this module, lay the secrets to making your marketing magnetic by giving your social media posts CLARITY, so you can RESONATE & ATTRACT your dream customers with the things you write and say.

  • Personal Brand

    Opens the gateway to authentic story marketing, which makes your content enjoyable and magnetic 

  • Attract Your Dream Customers, clients & recruits

    This helps you stand out from the noise online and gives your posts CLARITY & PURPOSE which attracts your dream customers, clients, and recruits every time

  • Problem You Solve

    Gives your content CLARITY, CONSISTENCY & RELATABILITY which converts sales every time

  • Story Marketing

    This activates alignment within your business as nothing feels better than just being you



In this module - we’ve got you covered for the next 6 months with our content board, full of 100s of done for you story form social media posts that are all in the 4 different categories that help you build your influence, make an impact and sell with sass online!​

  • Content Trello Board

    Contains 100’s of done for you story form social media posts, so you never run out of ideas of what to post again, you simply fill in the blanks with your own core foundations and GO!

  • Social Media Scheduler

    30 day content scheduler, copy and paste what posts you want and organise your content for the next 30 days – GOODBYE overwhelm!



Once you have your core business success foundations and your content structured it’s time to get visible and attract effortless sales! In this Module:

  • Visibility Confidence Hypnosis

    This will stop you caring what others think and give you the confidence to post authentic content and speak your truth online!

  • Story Strategy

    The stories strategy that 10xs your sales, learn how to make sales from your Facebook & insta stories.

  • Plus ALL of the bonus modules below





You can access our bonus modules if you purchase the content creatrix program today. 

Included inside is:




  • Facebook Live Script

    Our Facebook Live Script will help you to outline your live, know exactly what you'll be talking about, 'cut the fluff' and get straight to the point, stay on track and convert sales!

  • 97 Facebook Live Topics

    In this PDF, you get 97 topics and ideas to talk about on your FB lives. This topic sheet will have you never running out of ideas of what to talk about again!

  • The 3 Step Structure To Social Media Posting

    This worksheet will show you exactly how to structure your posts in a way that will grab attention, build influence and visibility AND help you to convert your audience into sales!

  • Social Media - DMO Trackers

    This tracker is a daily method of operation ticksheet which gives you daily tasks, keeps you on track and tells you what to do on each platform each day!




This is suitable for coaches, network marketers, course creators, brand influencers, consultants, anyone who is the face of their brand. Remember people buy people - that's why being YOU is key to success online.







Let's talk about...





The law of online attraction.



What’s the law of online attraction?...


You’ve heard of the law of attraction right?


Where you can manifest the life that you want?


Well we show you how to use that within your online business by combining a feel good business strategy and soul work, which makes your marketing magnetic so you can manifest your desired business success. 


It all comes down to clarity…


Clarity within your marketing so you can RESONATE & ATTRACT your dream customers with the things that you write and say.


And clarity with your consciousness, so you can intentionally manifest your soul mate customers and clients using the law of attraction.


Combine the two together #strategy&soul and you activate alignment and the law of online attraction, which magnetises crazy wealth and success.



​You see, the happier you feel the wealthier you become...



This is the key to wealth and success – feeling good in the process.


We won’t be teaching you some one of a kind latest strategy that promises you success. 


We simply show you the core foundations that you need to be clear on to make your marketing magnetic and stand out from the noise online to attract endless sales, clients and recruits.


And we teach you how to feel good everyday by just being authentically you, which activates alignment as it’s this that’s needed in business to get your energy and momentum behind your goals and desires to intentionally manifest them into your reality.


We watch femalepreneurs keep themselves stuck for months on end because they tell themselves that it’s too hard and that the success they desire will take them a long time to create.


They then try different strategies ‘HOPING’ that something will come along and change everything.


When in reality what they fail to realise is that the power is within them already to create all of the success they dream of and fast!


No-one is you and that is your super power, it's time to learn how to use that within your business and make your desires a reality!

You see it’s not about the time it’s simply about the alignment.


All alignment means is feeling absolutely amazing about what you do, what you post, the way you show up on social media and the people that you work with. Because when you feel good you attract more of what you want back to you. It's the law of life and the law of business!


Without alignment and feeling good in our business we become STUCK and find growth really hard.


Most femalepreneurs don't feel good about the strategy they're using, many are burnt out from working hard and facing major overwhelm, a lot have lost their passion and feel like quitting.


When you are in this lack mindset and energy everyday you create more of the lack!


Things can change really quickly once you get back into flow & alignment, feel good about what you are doing and use a strategy that sets your soul & sales on FIRE! 

​Who are The Femalepreneurs Academy?

We are intuitive life and business coaches and fully certified NLP practitioners.


Which means that we are qualified to help you re-wire your mind for unstoppable success.


We have successful backgrounds within the network marketing industry, both of us achieving top positions in multiple companies.


Our journey within network marketing activated our personal development and spiritual awakening process, which led us onto find our true purpose and passion which is coaching others how to achieve their desired level of success.


Our femalepreneurs academy is now a 6 figure academy, which we achieved within the first 6 months of trading.


The way we did this was by combining a mix of strategy and soul work to manifest our desires into our physical reality, easily and effortlessly without the hustle. 

It’s this strategy and soul work that we teach inside of our academy to show you femalepreneurs that success doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s easy when you learn how to use a feel good business strategy and unlock the unlimited potential and power that’s already inside of you. 


Our teachings will help you understand the law of online attraction, which will teach you how to become a super attractor online and one big magnet for your own success.


We've currently taught thousands of women this and helped them have an upgrade within their mind, energy and business to attract non stop success.


Prepare to hang up your hustle boots and unlock the code to unlimited wealth, success and abundance when you say yes to working within our academy.

What people say...

Just Imagine

Having the passion back for your business and enjoying the process of building it!


Learning how to make building your business fun and easy and shifting QUICKLY to your desired income and level of success!


Attracting followers, leads, sales, clients, recruits everyday and them being an absolute dream to work with, GOODBYE energy drainers!


Having a simple enjoyable and profitable 'feel good' strategy to follow as well as the confidence to show up online as you!


Becoming one BIG magnet for success, which you can't slow down even if you tried!


All of this and so much more is waiting for you inside..

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