The Elevation of The Femalepreneur Vol 2.

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Vol1 . of The Elevation of the Femalepreneur hit international no1. best seller on amazon in over 23 categories back in May 2020. 

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Each of our wonderful authors, has shared their inspirational story in our book but not only have they shared their stories, they are also going to be LIVE in our Elevation of The Femalepreneur book community sharing their top tips on what they do and how to get success! This will be taking place 26th, 27th and 28th October! Please read below the full details.

Monday - 26th October - UK Time



Katy Curry - Spiritual Mindset Coach & Travelpreneur


Katy will be sharing herbest mindset tips with you and how to  unleash your inner entrepreneur!



Debbie Patrick - Network Marketing professional & Mind & Biz Coach


Debbie will be helping you to feel the fear and do it anyway - showing upon social media even when you don't feel good enough!



Carla Maria - Trading Business Owner & Network Marketing Professional


Carla will be teaching you all about mindset and how this massively impacts your success in business!



Leanne Willis - Beauty Business Owner & Network Marketing Professional


Leanne willbe training you how to build a business being your best self - health, beauty and mindset!

Tuesday 27th October - UK Time



Becky Kennedy - Network Marketing Professional


Becky will share her top tips on building a business on Facebook!



Helen Adams - Empowerment & Business Coach & Travelpreneur


Helen will be showing you how to use your intuition to build your fortune!



Melanie Jack - Lifestyle & Success Coach


Melanie will be sharing her top tips to living the best lifestyle to creating  happiness and success!



Amy Morelli Barnes - Founder of Jacobs Trust


Amy will be sharing her top tips on how to manage life around autism & to see parenting differently!



Elly Charles - Spiritual Teacher & Psychic Medium


Elly will be sharing her top signs on how to know if you're having a spiritual awakening!

Wednesday 28th October - UK Time



Claire Maynard - Travel Business Owner


Claire will be sharing how to build a business online and how to not let you past get in the way!



Casey Bird - Nutritionist & Network Marketing Professional


Casey will be sharing the number one key ingredient to building a successful business!



Monique Sveinsson - Founder of Network Marketing Manager Planner


Monique will be sharing how to reduce the overwhelm and plan like a pro!



Lyndsey Shelley - Professional Network Marketer


Lyndsey will be sharing her top tips on authentic attraction marketing



Martha Bradford - Network Marketing Professional


Martha willbe showing you how to create intrigue and curisoity for your business using systems like the ATM system!