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Femalepreneurs Academy started in April 2017. Within 6 weeks of launching we went from 0 following to over 2k and earned over £70,000.


Since then we have gone onto build a six figure academy where we've helped thousands of women to build profitable businesses using effective social media strategies alongside having the right energy, mindset & vision.


We didn't get here by accident, we got here because we had a strategic plan, marketing strategy and unshakable belief that we could do it!


We've helped many women become super attractors online and manifest their dream business and make it profitable! 

We've helped women who have hit a wall in their business turn everything around by teaching them our strategy and soul success formula.


We use our strategies to help any women who have an online business - network marketers, creatives, influencers, coaches and entrepreneurs!


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Jo is the founder of Femalepreneurs Academy. She is an intuitive mindset coach - specialising in self worth and self belief. She has built multiple successful businesses online. Jo specialises in helping you to identify exactly what's holding you back so you can call in your success that you desire. She helps you overcome any limiting beliefs and mind blocks through her NLP techniques, timeline therapy practise and helps you to release the past so you can live an abundant future. It is not enough to just work with strategy, mindset plays a bigger part to your success that's why we combine the two together.

JoJo Ellen

CEO & Founder

Natasha is the founder of Femalepreneurs Academy. She is an intuitive life success influencer and she has built multiple successful businesses online and has earned hundreds of thousands of pounds. Her expertise is creativeness & will help you create your brand, content, programme & marketing strategy, one that sets your heart & soul on fire HELLO alignment. Natasha also specialises in mindset - she can help you to have the almighty energy shift you may just need to sky rocket to success!

Natasha Edwards

CEO & Founder

These calls are for serious women who are ready to invest in themselves to learn the skills and strategies they need to succeed. If we feel we are a fit to work together we will offer you a space inside of our influence, impact & income accelerator programme. Only book a call if you are ready for serious growth and to up level your business.