Learn how to ATTRACT QUALITY leads into your DMs, RECRUIT the action takers by using the right LANGUAGE within your content and EMBODY the identity of a powerful LEADER so you can be in the right VIBE to attract an ACTION TAKING tribe and accelerate your WEALTH and FREEDOM!

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The Language of Leadership

3 days

3 steps

3 powerful trainings 

What You'll Learn

Day 1 - Embody


Embody the identity, mindset and energetics of a powerful leader, which raises your vibe so you attract an action taking tribe!

When you learn this not only will you activate the law of attraction & become a fearless leader online, but you'll understand how to motivate and move your team members to take action, so you have less drop out's and create more action takers, which will help you wave goodbye to the energy drainers and move up the ranks fast!


Day 2 - Attract


Learn the art of online attraction, where we teach you the language and content codes to use within your marketing, that will attract those action taking leaders and have them all say yes to working with you!

When you apply this to your business you'll close endless recruits and fill your team with powerful leaders and action takers!


Day 3 - Leverage & Duplicate


Learn how to leverage your business and build a consistent income by applying a step by step system to attract, engage and convert more recruits, whilst creating massive duplication within your team by using a one of a kind marketing and mentoring system, alongside using the energetics you learned in day 1 to drive your business forward at full force!


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HEADS UP: After learning this NEVER again will you have to chase the time wasters, add random’s on social media, spend hours glued to your phone making small talk in messenger, wonder what to say in your social media posts, work with the energy drainers that DON'T TAKE ACTION or deal with the drop out's, in-fact you’ll have SO many QUALITY leads that slide into your inbox and say YES to working with you and a system that closes endless recruits, you'll accelerate your wealth and freedom in record time!


Who Are The Femalepreneurs Academy

We help female network marketers and coaches master the law of online attraction by teaching them how to apply the strategy and soul work that makes them a super attractor online.


In the last 2 years from applying these principles, we have built a 6 figure brand, been featured on major media outlets, became 5x best selling authors, have turned over a quarter of a mil and have helped thousands of femalepreneurs create their version of success using these principles too.


Our entrepreneurial journey's started within the network marketing industries, where we both built multiple successful business and left our full time jobs within 6 months. Since learning human psychology and how to market online, we are obsessed with teaching network marketers how to apply this to stand out from the noise online and 10x their businesses.


We are fully certified master practitioners in NLP which means we are qualified to help you re-wire your mind for limitless success and we understand the psychology to apply in your marketing that moves people to say YES to working with you. 


We teach a mix between mindset, manifesting and marketing to help femalepreneurs like you create limitless wealth and success.



We've took our years of marketing experience and combined it with psychology and energetics to create this one of a kind marketing, mentoring and mindset trilogy that will revolutionise the way you do business!


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Join our series for Free Today & WIN £100 cash!

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